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It FINALLY happened. 

The long awaited day of charity rugby came around, on the 7th July 2012, and myself along with the Midlands chapter of #RugbyUnited were up and out early for a breakfast of champions (McDonalds breakfast wrap, brown sauce, extra hash brown….) before heading through the drizzle and ominous looking black clouds to Chosen Hill FP RFC and into the first charity event featuring #RugbyUnited.

I’ve covered the reasons behind the game in a previous blog, so won’t go back into it again, but the recipients of the fundraising were the Multiple Sclerosis society.

The turnout wasn’t as big as we hoped, but we had enough people to play 4 games of mixed touch rugby, the first 2 were 6 a side with 4 subs, and both won by Patriots, then we went to 10 a side for the other 2 games.

The bigger games seemed to suit team #RugbyUnited though, and we took wins in the last 2 games to make the final score 2-2!

The last game also saw potentially the GREATEST touch rugby try of all time. Patrick Keen, Stephen Parsons, Oli Parrett, you know which i mean!!! TOUCHDOWN! (nb, i took a call from Steve Walsh, he assured me the pass was backwards…..)

The weather, somewhat miraculously, stayed dry all day (except for a couple of spots in game 1!) and i even picked up a tanline, which is rare for me at the best of times!!!






I think i can speak on behalf of all the players when i say that it was hugely enjoyable and can’t wait til the newly renamed Pink Patriots will no doubt receive another challenge from RugbyUnited next year!

Rumour has it that we MAY have a second game lined up in the North West in a few weeks time, so keep eyes peeled for that. 

Got to do a few thank you’s now. 

First of all, we so far have raised £370 and we still have items to sell, so a huge thank you to EVERYONE that attended and put their hands in their pockets! Special mention to Gemma Fox (@Gemma_Fox) who travelled a helluva long way to come watch!!! 

Secondly, thank you to the food providers, Andy Jarrett from That Foodie place (@thatfoodieplace) and the people from Cupalicious (@cupaliciousglos) who provided some frankly delicious looking cakes!!!

Thirdly, Worcester, Gloucester, The RFU, RABO, Kukri, Westons Cider, Knights Accountants, Nottingham, Cotton Traders, PROPS,Bristol Rugby, Saracens, Plymouth Albion, Gilbert Rugby, Cornish Pirates,and the RFU for providing us with the raffle and auction prizes and special mentions to Lesley Toft at Cotton Traders for turning a no into a yes,  Raging Bull for providing the Patriots shirts and PROPS for lending us the kit for RugbyUnited!

To Andy Jarrett from MS Society, Freddy Whittaker from the Citizen and Sam Durham  from scrum five rugby for the various press we’ve been able to garner!

To Stephen Parsons for not only turning up to Ref/play, but for bringing along an Olympic torch that most of us were photographed with!

lastly, and this is where i’m BOUND to forget someone… to the people who gave up time to help out… to the various members of both teams!….here we go….

Rich Church Keen (thats me!), Anne Church Keen, Patrick Keen, Jo Spence, Ed Spence, Pip Howard(RugbyUniteds first ever try scorer), Sam Beale, Stephen Parsons, Nick Lewis, Rhys Lewis ,JP Corry, Jacko Corry, Dave Heywood,Oli Parrett(the winner of distance travelled contest and touchdown scorer!), Marc Moor, Sinead Byrne, Jess Yeates, James Hoddy, Emily Barrett, Adam Trigg, Trevor Large,Chris Hubbard, Joey Maley, Matt Moore, Fran Oliver, Adam Trigg, Rhys Lewis, George Porter, Adam Barnes,Daniel Irvine, Marc Riddel. James Howell, Hannah Barnes, Andy Jarrett

As i say, i’ve doubtlessly missed people, if i have, contact me, and i’ll edit. you all deserve your shout out!

Actually, the final shout out, and a MASSIVE thanks will be to our hosts at Chosen Hill former pupils RFC. The rain could’ve caused the club to cancel in aid of protecting their pitch, but they allowed us to play on and without that, we wouldn’t have raised a penny!!

I must admit that i felt very proud of everything and everyone on the day. There was no animosity, no tantrums, just banter, comradeship and great fun. Truly what rugby is about and especially in my eyes, what RugbyUnited is about. 

Next year. We will have more experience, more contacts, a bigger reputation and hopefully better weather to pull in more of a crowd!

I will leave the blog here, with a link to one of my fellow RugbyUnited bigwig Nick Lewis’s tries!

Thanks again! Until next time (a slightly aching) RC-K! xxx